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On the initiative of Tondrak, in 2019 the Film Studio Tondrak was created, which is engaged in shooting feature films and documentaries, as well as social and promotional, motivational and music videos. The goal of Tondrak Film Studio is to develop cinematography in Armenia based on professional and modern motives, as a result of which it will be possible to make feature and historical films based on the Armenian history. In order to present the picturesque nature of Armenia to the whole world, we are preparing films and videos representing mountain tourism and other interesting materials.

Motivational film \ Know Yourself

By his nature a person is almost omnipotent, but he uses only a tiny percentage of his capabilities, because of which the heights, which he could easily reach, remain insatiable and, from time to time even a dream. In order to make a dream a goal and realize it, we must know ourselves, our possibilities and all the seemingly indescribable heights will become easy and accessible for us.

Comet-Guardian of Tigran the Great

Tigran the Great is the most significant Armenian king, during the reign of which the Great Armenia reached the apogee of its power. At this time, the Tigranian dominion was created, which remained in the memory of the Armenian nation as a country called “from sea to sea”. In 877 BC, a comet appeared in the Armenian sky, which the Armenian priests considered a heavenly omen of the future success of the Armenian ruler. The film presents the history of the comet, its scientific significance and a brief description of the glorious life of Tigran the Great.

Remember the War \ Garegin Nzhdeh

The book “Remember the war” by the Armenian statesman and military figure Garegin Nzhdeh became a beautiful video film on the initiative of Tondrak. Each Chapter of the book is represented by a single film, full of interesting shots, military scenes, and highly artistic music. Thanks to this, you will be able to watch a movie instead of reading a book and save a lot of time, getting a lot of fun in return.

Mountain Night \ Paruyr Sevak

The brilliant Armenian poet Paruyr Sevak praised his native nature, daggers and sacred mountains in particular. “Mountain night” is read by Paruyr Sevak.

«The patriotic sculptor»

You have probably seen the magnificent monuments of Karlen Nurijanyan, Hayk Нaapet, Tорк Angegh, Vahagn the Conqueror of Dragons that adorn the capital of Armenia – Yerevan. The author of these miraculous works is a related sculptor Karlen Nurijanyan, who is not only a talented sculptor, but also very emotional and artistic person. The film presents the life of the master as well as his works.

 A full list of Tondrak films can be found on our YouTube canal.

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