7-days tour. North-South

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From July 12 to 18 «Tondrak» tourist club organizes an unprecedented expedition from the Northern village Garnarij to the Southern village Aghadzor till Araqs reservoir (including Artsakh).

1️⃣-The first day

Early in the morning from Yerevan we will move to village Garnarich in Shirak region by car (172 km). From Garnarich on the shores of the lake Arpi we will walk to village Aregnadem (30km). We will spend our night in tents.

2️⃣-The second day

We will walk from village Aregnadem to Gyumri (22km). Then we will take a train to Yerevan (170 km). Our next destination will be village Garni in Kotayq region (30km). We will spend our night in tents.

3️⃣-The third day

We will walk from Garni to village Geghard (12 km), then to՝ Tondrakians’ hut in Gegharkunik region by trucks (55 km). We will pass by the Vishapalij and Vishapakar, Azhdahak and Spitakasar, Mrgasar, the foot of mountains of Armaghan, on the banks of the stream Qaradz (river Argij) and will reach to the Tondrakian’s hut. We will spend our night in Tondrakian’s hut.

4️⃣-The forth day

From the Tondrakian’s hut we will pass Argij river by truch, getting to Orbelyan’s Caravanserai (20 km). From there we will walk to village Getap in Vayots Dzor region (30 km). We will spend our night in tents.

5️⃣-The fifth day

From village Getap we will go to village Tsxuk in Syunik region by car (64 km). The next destination is Shaki waterfall (20 km). We will spend our night in tents beside the waterfall.

6️⃣-The sixth day

We will go from Shaki to village Khndzoresk by car (50km), then to village Artsakh Janfida (33 km). We will spend our night in tents.

7️⃣-The seventh day

The next destination is Araks reservoir and village Aghadzor, which was lebarated by Artsakh (25 km). In the evening of the seventh day we will return to Yerevan by car (300 km).

🏛Along the way, we will visit many attractions, walk along the most picturesque roads, villages and trails of Armenia․

🏕In the evening beside the tents we will sing, have tea and play different games.

🎁Many surprises await you.

🇦🇲The event is called «One nation, one homeland, one way».

🎽All the participants will be given T-shirts and hats special for events.

🎥The entire tour will be shot by recent cameras. A wonderful film will be shot, the main heroes of which are participants of the campaign.

📜All participants will receive certificates of participation in the campaign․

Participation cost – 96,000 drams.

The price includes.


Guide service


Train tickets (high quality transportation)

Tondrakian’s hut

Provision of tents (in case of their absence)

Provision of T-shirts and hats

Hospitality in a hunt

 Professional cooking classes from «Armenian-Aryan cuisine», including Dolma with «rabbit meat», omelette with mushrooms, Garisa with lamb


Movie shooting expenses

Other expenses

Meals are not included in the price. We will buy food from villagers, helping the consumption of agricultural products and the development of trade.

Bank card account.
(Send us a payment receipt)․

To confirm your participation, please call one of the following phone numbers.
041 196414 Ucom
077 196414 Viva
091 196414 Beeline
or write to the “Tondrak” page on Facebook:

🛣Totally we will pass 1037 km. The distance of the straight line from Yerevan to historical Kilikia is 1000 km.
🏃‍♂️172 km on foot
🚎620 km by car
🚚 75 km by truck
🚅170 km by train

🏁We gather at the station David of Sasun (near David’s monument) at 6: 30 o’clock in the morning (15 minutes before the noted time).

🚩Campaign participants should have

Comfortable shoes,
Comfortable tracksuit
Warm clothes (outfits)
Extra clothes
Food for 1 day
1.5 liter of water
Sun Protection Cream
First Aid Kit
Solar battery

Dear campaigner, before participating in the campaign, please read the safety rules and be sure to fill out the agreement։

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